Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Application Form

Application Criteria
1) The student must be an undergraduate student at a recognized University or College for the current academic year and enrolled in school at the time of application
2) The student must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of their company and principally responsible for its operation
3) The student’s company must have been in business for at least the last six consecutive months, and the business must be a for-profit business
4) The student must have not been the GSEA winner in the past and/or were not one of the seven finalists for the 2012 GSEA Global Finals competition

Important Submission Tips:
1) Use point-form responses in the question boxes; helps to clearly and concisely identify the key aspects of your business you wish to share.
2) Ensure that you do not have any obvious grammatical errors in the application.
3) Call if you have any questions, please contact:

Derrick Jackson
Program Manager, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards
T +1.571.481.2438 F +1.703.519.1864
4)Simply provide approximate gross revenues in question two.
5) Verification of financials: Simply is a method for the GSEA to confirm eligibility. Contact us by phone before you provide documents in question 10.
6) Applications should take approx. 30-45 minutes to complete.

Applicant Information (* Required fields)
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Business Information
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1. Sources of Capital: 
2. Sales / Employees / Profit figures for the last four years:
(For Gross Sales, enter numbers and commas only eg: 300,000 )
Year Gross Sales No. Full Time Employees (incl. self)
3. Describe your business in two sentences or less.
(This description will be used verbatim in publicity and news releases):
4. Outline your company’s history (dates, milestones and growth)
5. Describe current and projected strategies to reach your target markets.
6. Comment on your company’s:
  • Current and future impact on local employment opportunities and economic growth
  • Innovations – how has your product or service changed / revolutionized your industry?
  • Charitable Outreach – what is your company doing to improve your local community and the world?
7. Review your Business Operations based on:
  • Obstacles that you’ve overcome
  • Concern and attention to customer service
  • Concern and attention to the quality of your product and/or service:
8. Where do you see your company in three years?
9. Use this space to provide any additional information you believe necessary for your application
10. If you are selected to advance to the next phase of competition, you must furnish your application with either:
  • A copy of your company’s most recent tax return to verify revenues.
  • A signed statement from your accountant confirming your revenue for the most recent year end.
This can be submitted via:
Fax – ATTN: GSEA Applications – Fax #:+1.703.519.1864 (Ensure your name is clearly stated)
Email – Subject: GSEA Application for (Insert Your Name) – Email:
Note: If you are having troubles submitting your application, please ensure that the responses in each question box are less than 5000 characters.
Once you click Submit you will be returned to the main GSEA page.